Asbestos Support Services

  • INSPECTIONS / ASSESSMENTS - EnviroVision’s accredited US EPA AHERA Building Inspectors, Pennsylvania Asbestos Building Inspectors, NYC DEP Investigators, & NJDCA Asbestos Safety Technicians (ASTs) can perform building surveys and inspections at your facility to locate and identify suspect building materials and determine if they contain Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM). Preparations of ACP 5 and ACP 7 for NYC Building Owners/Contractors prior to renovations and demolitions are available.


  • ABATEMENT MONITORING / SAMPLING - Certified as an Asbestos Safety Control Monitor (#00079) by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs and as a New York State Asbestos Contractor by New York Department of Labor, air sampling before, during and after an abatement project can be performed by EnviroVision’s technicians to ensure that an abatement project is proceeding in accordance with all applicable Federal, State, and Local regulations. Final Clearance Sampling can provide added security to your building‘s occupants.


  • ASBESTOS PROJECT DESIGNING - Our US EPA AHERA Project Designers can prepare plans & specifications for your upcoming asbestos abatement projects. Cost & Time estimates, contract document preparation, on-site pre bid meetings/ walk thus, and contractor selection are all services that we can provide.


  • DESIGNATED PERSON PROGRAM / MANAGEMENT PLANNING - Whether your facility is a school, a commercial building, or an industrial complex, EnviroVision can prepare Asbestos Management Plans enabling you to establish an Operations & Maintenance ( O & M ) program at your facility. We can also assume all duties of an AHERA Designated Person under yearly contract, performing all periodic surveillance, parent notifications, record up keep, etc.


  • ASBESTOS ANALYTICAL SERVICES - Our in-house National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Proficiency Analytical Testing (PAT) participating laboratory (LAB ID No. 06974) can provide identification of bulk samples via Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) and air sample analysis via Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) utilizing NIOSH 7400 analysis method. TEM & SEM analysis of air and bulk samples is also available.
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