Lead Hazard Support Services

  • WATER TESTING - EnviroVision can sample your water supply for the presence of Lead or any other heavy metal in accordance with all applicable regulations. Analysis of the samples can be performed via Atomic Absorption (AA) with or without the use of a graphite furnace. If high levels of lead are detected, we can provide consulting and remediation services.

  • PAINT TESTING - We can also provide building surveys to detect the presence of lead based paints in your facility. Project specifications and our staff of USEPA Model Lead Inspectors/Risk Assessors & Project Designers can provide cost estimates for lead abatement.

  • SOILS TESTING - Lead Hazard Inspectors/ Risk Assessors employed by EnviroVision can also sample and test the soils around your facilities to determine if lead or any other heavy metals are contaminating your property. Project specifications, cost estimates and contractor selection services can be provided.
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