New Jersey Childcare Facility Licensing

Numerous requirements exist aiming to protect the safety of children from physical, chemical and biological environmental hazards.  Regulations have been issued separately by New Jersey's DEP (Department of Environmental Protection), the DCF (Department of Children and Families) and the DHSS (Department of Health and Senior Service).

The DEP require a review of the facility and property histories to identify latent potential hazards. You typically must obtain a letter of No Further Action (NFA) and verify a safe drinking water supply.
The DCF require potential safety and physical hazards be assessed.
The DHSS require an indoor Environment Health Assessment (IEHA).
These regulations collectively look for (historical) hidden conditions and (current) existing hazards.  Testing to rule out exposures to whatever is found to be present is also required.  We are familiar with the agencies' requirements and procedures, including:
The applicable NJDEP technical requirements to evaluate real property.
The NIOSH and NJDEP sampling procedures used to test for environmental hazards.
The OSHA (Occupational Health & Safety Administration) Technical Manual and DHSS reporting formats.
We can screen your site and building to prepare a site-specific investigation and a report tailored to your needs.  We will pursue clearance from the DCF (for the building), the DHSS (for the indoor environment) and from the DEP (for the site) at the same time.
Sampling can be costly, so we only perform it when necessary, and only do as much as is needed to render an opinion. At the completion of our work, our report can be used to support your licensing application.

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